Git status not showing changes are made to file

I created a directory to practice with git, and am using VSCode to edit an HTML file. I initialized the directory with git (‘git init’) and then use git add and git commit -m when I change the file. However when I edit the file and type git status, I do not get any message that the file has changed. Thoughts? I have made sure I am in the correct directory, and am following along with the steps on the ‘Working with Git’ video.

My first thought is to double check that you have manually saved all of the files locally in VS code before using git add . and git commit.

If you see a dot next to the file name in the tab on top, that means you need to save the file before jumping into any of the other steps.

Try double-checking that you are saved, then let us know if you still have an issue.

Thank you for the tips! I am still not sure what was going on that day, but I tried again the next day and was able to submit and pass the assessment.

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