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Git-repo-management: No such file or directory

Hello, I have problem with my git assessment, anybody can please help me!

I downloaded the skeleton project (git-repo-management) and I didn’t see the file in Ubuntu when i type “cd git-repo-management” it says “No such file or directory” but the file actually in my local “downloads” directory. the instruction says I should be able to type ls and see “site.html” and “images” but I didn’t see those files.
please help me!!

Hi Anissa, and welcome to the forum!

Can you send a bit more information so we can help troubleshoot? Were you able to successfully complete the steps up to this point (pasted below):

Assuming you downloaded this into your Downloads directory, open your Ubuntu terminal and change the present working directory to /mnt/c/Users/«your WINDOWS user name»/Downloads . Type explorer.exe . which will open the Windows Explorer. Right click on the ZIP file and choose “Extract All…”. In the “Files will be extracted to this folder” text box, delete the “git-repo-management” from the path. Then, click the “Extract” button.

If you can send a screenshot of your terminal with the commands you are using, that will also help.

Hi Jesse, Thank you for your reply!

I followed the instruction and still doesn’t work. I downloaded and i changed present directory with my windows username too.
here is the screenshot of my terminal. is the problem with my windows?

The screenshot is super helpful.

I think the issue is that you need to move into the Downloads directory first. In your first command, just add a cd (with a space) before the rest of the command, like this:

cd /mnt/c/Users/«your WINDOWS user name»/Downloads

Then continue with the rest of the directions.

If that doesn’t work, try cd’ing into Downloads one step at a time, so:
cd /mnt then cd /c and so on.

Let me know if you see any any change after adding the cd .

Thank you so much Jesse, the command ( cd /mnt/c/Users/«your WINDOWS user name»/Downloads) works!!

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