Git problem about merge

I did smoothly at the step of Merge the “drawings” branch to the “together” branch.
But I got ask window after I did git merge “pictures” branch to “together”. And I can’t get out no matter what I type.

The ask window like

Please enter a commit message to explain why this merge is necessary,

especially if it merges an updated upstream into a topic branch.

Does anyone had same problem?


Welcome to the community! We’re glad you’re here!

Can you post a screenshot of the error/question and the commands in your terminal that brought you to this question?

I’ve never encountered an issue like that before, but I might have some ideas if you can share a picture if what it looks like.


Hi Jess,
Thank you for replying! I just figured out the question I had.
But I have new question about the submission. I’m not sure what these means.

This diff is a report that shows all of the areas in which your submission was different than the assessment solution. You can review how to interpret the diff here.

Even with that reference, diffs can be confusing! Here are some points to help:

  • Make sure you pay attention the branches: In your case, it looks like you will need to fix the master branch, and then the together branch.

  • Look at the file names: It looks like the issue is with the site.html file.

  • Look at the line numbers for each branch:

    • The first pair of numbers, next to the - (for example, -8,8) means that the solution file has 8 lines beyond line number 8.

    • The second pair of numbers, next to the + (for example, +8,9) means that your submission had 9 lines beyond line number 8.

    • So, your file has an extra line in the master branch.

  • Look at the remaining lines to figure out the difference: The + means that line of code is in your submission, but not in the solution. The - means that line of code is in the solution, but not your submission.

So, overall, it looks like you will need to look closely at the images in those two branches, and remove images that should not be there, add any that might be missing, and rearrange any that are out of order. Do this for one branch at a time, making sure everything matches the images in the directions. Then you can save and commit the changes to the correct branch.

The diffs are definitely challenging to interpret the first time around. Let us know how it goes!

Thank you so much Jess!
I just made it!

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