GIT Not adding files

I DON’T know what to do… I am in the GIT assessment… I have created the branch “drawings” like it says to do… I Moved the 3 drawings "joseph-roulin, lands-end, stag-beetle " from the the ‘images’ directory to the ‘drawings’ file. Like it says to do… However, every time I try to git add these files, git will not stage them for commit… And, for some reason, says the images were deleted. Spent hours. Please help

Hey Ron!

I’m not super technical - just work here in admissions, but have you made sure to git add in order to stage your files?

Such as…
git add (file)
git commit (file)

or, git commit -a to commit everything.

Hi Katherine! I first make a sub-directory named “drawings” like it says to do. Then I move the those pics from the “images” directory to the “drawings” sub-directory. I make chnages to “site.html” like it says to do and then I commit it to the drawings branch after I git add.
When I git status, it says it cannot commit and the files are deleted.
I erased everything and started over and it did the same thing.

Hi again! I finally! However, I turned in my GIT assessment and received an email… What does this mean?

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 7.52.48 PM|518x372 found the problem. Thank you!

Glad to hear that you found the problem! Let us know if you still need any assistance at this point.

Hi again! After I “git add .” I would “git status”. Everything would say ready for commit, except site.html. It would still read "modified: “…/site.html”. It would do this after everytime I change something and type "git add . " Therefore, I would type “git add …/site.html” after I typed “git add .” When I do this, I am able to commit everything including site.html. Am I suppose to do this? In other words, after I typed “git add .” , why doesn’t site.html become included?
Thank you

Hi Ron, and Happy New Year!

In looking at your screenshot, I think you may be staging the changes from the drawings folder, rather than from the root folder of your assessment, and that might be why you are only seeing the changes in the drawings files being staged.

I would recommend using the cd command from the command line to change directories until you are back in the root directory (git-repo-management), and then try staging and committing the changes.

After you try this, let us know what you see after using the git add . and git status commands.