Git merge not giving me Merge conflict

Hello fellow coders,
So I think I did every step correct on making 3 branches, “together, drawings, pictures” and even moved the .jpgs in the corresponding directories. As I go to merge them into “together” I don’t get a merge conflict message but it just accepts it. I open up the VS code and I only see the recent changes I did on pictures. but if I open up VS code on drawings branch it shows the 3 lines of code I added.

I have a couple thoughts.

If you didn’t get the merge conflict, you may have missed a step previously in the instructions. At this point, I think there are two options.

One option is to start from scratch and make sure you follow every step to the letter. You should encounter the merge conflict in this case, and take the steps to resolve it. If you take this approach, just be careful you don’t mix up the two assessments!

The other option is to move forward without restarting the assessment. If you take this option, you’ll have to be really careful in checking each branch to make sure that the contents match exactly what the instructions call for, for the final product. If you see any discrepancies, you’ll have to make the changes manually in those branches, and make sure you save and commit the changes to the appropriate branches before submitting the assessment.

Thanks Jesse,
I decided to remove the branches and start all over and that resolved that issue! (:

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