Git last attempt

Hi there I tried my first attempt at Git and followed all the directions but failed the assessment and I’m not sure what the message I was given means.


It looks like you have “student” as a parent directory for drawings, pictures, etc. it should be git-repo-management, also I’m not sure why you have together and master as directories? They should be git branches, “pointers” if you will to files.

Check out “How to interpret a Git Diff,” that might help. The “grader” is finicky with anything that doesn’t match exactly.

I did it twice to be sure before submitting, and it still failed for me because the images were in the wrong order in the site.html. I fixed that, and it went through fine. So make sure you’re reading the directions carefully and following them exactly, and make sure your files match the screenshots where applicable.

Hope that helps!

I’m also having this problem, same error. I have no idea why. I don’t understand what “student” as a parent directory means. Together and master are branches for me.

Think of parent/child like directory/sub-directory or like file/sub-file. For example User/Documents, in this case, the “User” directory would be the parent, “Documents” the child, or in other words, the Directory and sub-directory. Parent/child convention is useful when talking about objects in object oriented programming so it’s something I’m used to doing/saying. My apologies for the confusion.