Git: I didn't get the final conflict in merging 'master' with 'together'

I merged them and didn’t get a conflict message, so to follow instructions I just deleted lands-end.jpg, edited site.html to remove it there, saved, staged, merged. Is that okay or will not solving that through the conflict interface be held against me?

Side question: honestly I right-clicked in the VSC file explorer and clicked delete on the jpg instead of doing it in terminal which I realized immediately after was probably a mistake but I didn’t know how to take it back! Will that be held against me?

Thanks ahead of time.

For the side question, I don’t believe the terminal is required for this exercise, at least I did the entire thing w/ the VS interface.

As for the conflict, gotta double check the order of the instructions I believe.

"Checkout the “master” branch. Delete the file “images/lands-end.jpg”. Commit the change.

Merge the “together” branch into the “master” branch. Fix the conflict by removing the “lands-end.jpg” from the file system. In the “site.html”, remove the line that has the “lands-end.jpg” image on it."

If you do it in exactly the specified order, you should come up w/ a conflict. Whether or not it has to reflect it exactly, I’m unsure as to the differences in the log entry between the two actions. I believe the closer you can get to the exact log it’s looking for though, the less likely you are to be downgraded.

Hi Mark,
Congratulations, it looks like you passed! Just to answer your question, in case others are wondering the same thing…

If, for some reason you do not end up with a merge conflict, you still want to make sure that your branch matches what is outlined in the specification in the assessment. You may find multiple ways to get to the solution (for example, working with terminal commands vs. using the VSCode interface), but the tests for the assessment are looking at the final code in each branch.

Congratulations again!