Git Failled attempt 0/4

the results seam like I didn’t even do anything, like nothing was in the files I submitted. unzipped the files and the changes were there.

is there a way i can view the tree like the results to see where it went wrong?

I finished with a clean working tree and followed the directions carefully, in order so I’m pretty confused how I didn’t get any points.

Also, when i commit changes on this screen i save as DOS. is that the right one?

after I submitted it I was messing around with it some more and VScode gave me a message that git was not installed. I installed it and now in the bottom left corner of VS code is WSL:Ubuntu and shows what branch I’m in. I don’t think it had that before I don’t remember. I;m restarting the skeleton project, and the commands are running a little differently but its flowing nicely. Could that have been what failed me?

Do I need to need to run git init when I make a new directory if I have already ran that for the parent directory the new one is in?

Hi Taylor,
I just pulled up your submission and looked at your diff. It looks like the issues were not caused by any git or VSCode issues.

From the diff, I can see that you have a typo in your .gitignore file, which affected all 4 branches. Look closely at the diff and you will be able to find that typo. You will need to correct it across all branches and commit the changes to all branches.

In the together and master branch, you have an issue with the placement of your pictures. You will need to look at the assessment directions and adjust the images to match, in each branch, and then commit those changes as well.

To answer your final question, you will only need to run git init once for the project, just in the one place you encounter it in the directions.

Good luck on your revisions!

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