Git Commit issues

Hello team. I hate to be the guy to introduce himself with such a basic issue but I have been having git installation issues. I have made it to (git commit -m “message”) and for some odd reason, I keep getting this long error code attached. If anyone has the knowledge please comment with the correct directions to fix this. I’ve watched videos and read other forum answers but for some reason, my setup is not cooperating.
Thank you guys in advance.

I noticed you didn’t have any quotation marks in your command. Try again with
git add .
git commit -m "YOUR_MESSAGE_HERE"

Make sure you keep the quotation marks.
…and let us know if you see any difference. If not, we’ll continue to help troubleshoot!

Hello Jesse. Thank you for the rapid response. I had to take a step back to make sure I understand branching and merging better. I did try using the quotation marks and it still gave the same error. I will try to uninstall git and reinstall to see if that works. I will keep you posted Jesse. Thanks again.

Ok, always good to try the easy fix first! It does look like the issue may have to do with where git is installed on your machine or the scope of what you are trying to commit.

If re-installing doesn’t help, just post some more detail on anything git-related that does work vs. the commands that don’t work. Including the screenshots is super-helpful!


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Hi Jesse. It’s me again. I’ve tried to reinstall and its giving me these errors now. I will try to save it in a different directory to see if it works. I switched locations before but at least I’m getting some progress.

Hi, Jesse. I just wanted to let you know I have it all set up and have been moving along. Thanks again for your time.

Excellent - glad to hear you’re up and running!
Reach out if anything else comes up along the way.

I do seem to keep having this error show up when I try to “git push” into my remote repository:
lemoi@THEKOOLSPOT MINGW64 ~/desktop/Home/Lemoi/git_training (bob.txt)
$ git push
fatal: The current branch bob.txt has no upstream branch.
To push the current branch and set the remote as upstream, use

git push --set-upstream origin bob.txt

I was able to “git push” once by generating a ssh number from a youtube video. But now it seems like Im kicked out over and over.

Hmm…it’s hard to give suggestions when I’m not sure how your branches and files are set up.

From a quick glance, it looks like bob.txt may be a text file rather than a branch, is that correct? Branch names generally would not have a suffix like .txt.