Git Command Quiz Error

Hello, after restarting my computer as well as refreshing chrome, the multiple selection question in the Git Commands quiz marks choices as incorrect regardless of input.

I am currently skipping it with a 75% percent, but wanted to notify y’all.

Do you mean the " What can the git clone command do?" question? I just tested it, and it seemed to working as expected this morning. Let us know if anything else comes up, or if you run into any other issues.

Yes it is still showing the same issue! I even took captures, I passed the git assessment already but the quiz is the only thing that has not been checked off

git clone 2|690x472 git clone

git clone

It makes me nervous to submit my Boolean Quiz Assessment.

After submission, it should look like this:

It is not be an issue if the quiz is not checked off in your account. I’d recommend moving on to the Boolean Algebra section. When you complete the assessment, just save all of your final answers before submission (this is best practice, regardless). If it turns out there is an issue with your form, we’ll work with you to make sure you don’t get a failure for a technology issue.