Git Command Errors in Terminal

I see the following errors pop up whenever I open the terminal (using Ubuntu 16.04):

__git_complete: command not found
__git_ps1: command not found

Is this a problem?
The second line repeats itself after every command I type in.
I don’t know what to do about git_complete but I looked up git ps1 and know it’s installed on my computer. I also had to install npm and one ruby package separately before running install_dotfiles because they weren’t installed when I ran install_requirements. I don’t remember which ruby gem it was.

Edit: I looked up two of the files needed to configure git on my computer and noticed they were empty ( and git-completion.bash). Copying the respective files from the git repository fixed the problem and now forked folders show the proper info.

I’m experiencing this issue on Ubuntu 16.04 as well, but sorry; what’s the fix?

git-prompt is in /etc/bash_completion.d and isn’t empty

can’t find git-completion