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Git Assessment Trouble

Hello, I just failed a submission for the Git assessment. I’m having some trouble understanding where I went wrong…it looks like the Joseph Roulin picture is the issue? Any help is appreciated!

Here’s my code

Hi Samuel,
Welcome to the forum!
Your diff shows that everything is correct in three branches, and there is only an error in the drawings branch.

In the drawings, the + and - for the same image suggests that your images are out of order. You can read more about interpreting the diff here.

When I pulled up your submission, it looked like you had the correct 3 images in the drawings branch, but joseph-roulin was in the wrong place. You can fix this by going into the drawings branch, rearranging the images until they match the screenshot in the assessment directions for the drawings branch, and then save, stage, and commit those changes to that branch.

It’s looking like you’re super close! Let us know if any other questions come up!