Git Assessment Trouble with initially setting it up

I am having trouble with how to create the initial file within the git-repo-management directory, labeled “.gitignore”. Some guidance would be great. Thank you!


Learning Challenge


What I’ve tried


There are several different ways to create a file in your project from VSCode:

  1. Follow the directions in the Files and Directories lesson: here


  1. Use the touch commend. Make sure you are in the root folder of the project, and type touch .gitignore in the command line. You should see your new file appear.


  1. Hover on the name of the root directory on the left sidebar of VSCode, where you see all of your files and folders listed. When you hover, you should see a new file icon appear just next to the name. If you click on the icon, you can type the name in the textbox and the new file should open on the right.

Let us know which approach you end up using.