Git assessment - 'together' branch

Hi Really appreciate your help.
I followed every step until ‘together’ branch step, the site.html on ‘together’ branch looks like:

commit ‘together’ branch
Then continued:
Checkout the “master” branch. Delete the file “images/lands-end.jpg”. Commit the change.
Merge the “together” branch into the “master” branch. Fix the conflict by removing the “lands-end.jpg” from the file system. In the “site.html”, remove the line that has the “lands-end.jpg” image on it.
Commit all of those changes: the merge, the removal of “lands-end.jpg”, and the modification of “site.html”. So far, I’m still on master branch, and the site.html looks like:

Then I checkout ‘together’ branch again,the site.html on ‘together’ branch still have “lands-end.jpg”.
what did I do wrong? should I remove the line that has the "lands-end.jpg in the “site.html”, commit change again on ‘together’ branch?
Then checkout master again, and do merge ‘together’ branch those steps again?

Thank you

issue solved.
I think I had misunderstanding- I thought the site.html files on both master and ‘together’ branch have to be same.