Git Assessment 'together' branch diff

So I submitted the assessment twice and I realized I put the photo on the wrong line. But now I am wondering if the top two lines on “What I got wrong” list matters.
Specifically the a/site.html and b/site.html
Also, line 13 on my code has the <img in red? Should I be concerned? EDIT: I realized i forgot the closing > on line 12… whoops


— a/site.html
+++ b/site.html
@@ -9,8 +9,9 @@

It looks like you solved the issue and passed! Congratulations!

First, you were exactly right in looking for a missing tag when you saw the red <img> tag. That is an easy error that we all make sometimes, so a good one to check for.

In terms of the / lines, those are just indicating the files that the tests are comparing. One is the solution file, and one is your submission file. You don’t need to worry about those lines at all.

Again, congratulations! You’re almost done!