Git Assessment submission issue

I have completed the Git Assessment and submitted it and for some reason, it is not submitting correctly. I was advised by my advisor that something is wrong with the way it’s submitted and after the second attempt, the system docked a second attempt from me.

Can this be fixed and can I have another attempt added back to my account?

Forgot to add my assessment.
Here it is below.

Git Assessment

Good morning!
I pulled up your assessment, and it looks like your file structure is causing the error, which led to the auto-grader rejecting the submission.

When I pull up a student submission, this is the file structure I should see:

When I pulled up your submission, I saw this file structure:

It looks like you have two separate .gitignore files and two site.html files.

I would recommend going into your project and manually removing the site.html and .gitignore files from the images folder, and only keeping the version that is outside the images folder. Double-check that the remaining files include the correct code for both files, across all of the branches, before you try to re-submit.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you sooo much. Working on it now.

I just updated it and I’m 3 out of 4 with the correct answers. I went over it and I do not see what else is wrong… Are there any hints you can provide?

I can pull up your most recent submission and see what is going on! Glad to see it went through once you cleaned up the files!


I pulled up this morning’s submission. I can see in your history that you removed the extra files from the images folder. But it looks like the auto-grader was still detecting them. It looks like you made the revision and saved your changes locally, but you might not have properly staged and committed the change in all of the branches.

At this point, I think I would recommend downloading a new copy of the assessment and following the directions step-by-step.

If you do choose to keep working on this version, you need to be really careful and make sure you are checking out every branch, making sure the change is showing up as it should, and staging and committing each branch before you try to re-submit again.

Best of luck!

Geesh… I will start it over t be safe… Question. My second attempt to submit was a resubmission of the first error. Looks like I’m on my final attempt. Can I be granted an additional attempt because of this?

So, first, I’m going to operate under the assumption that you’re going to nail it on this next attempt! :grin:

If something comes up, however, just reach out to your admissions specialist and they can see if anything can be done.

You’ve got this! Just follow the directions step-by-step, and double check your work at each step.


Thank you Jesse. :relaxed:
I’m with you. I got this.

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