Git Assessment Submission - 2nd Time

Hi everyone! Hope you’re well. I am attempting to complete the Git Assessment and after some difficulty, was able to submit. I received a 3/4, and the following message:


I read the “How to Interpret a Git Diff” on the App Academy website but I still am having difficulty understanding where I went wrong. In addition, when I was completing the assessment, I struggled a lot with merge conflicts… I thought I resolved them, but I wonder if that has to do with my results.

Long story short - any ideas on what about the ‘master’ branch I missed? Also, how have you resolved merge conflicts when you were doing the assessment?

Thanks for the suggestions and help! Much appreciated!

Hi, @moorek32! First … welcome to the community. Happy to have you around! :wave:

Second … you’re super close. In your together and master branch, you’re using UPPERCASE for in your path to your images.

Simple solution …

  1. Checkout your master branch
  2. Open your site.html file
  3. Adjust all your uppercase src attributes to lowercase
  4. Save the file, add it to git, and make a commit.
  5. Do the same thing for the together branch

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any more questions! Good luck on your next attempt! :four_leaf_clover:

Thank you for the welcome! I am very happy to be here!

I appreciate your help! I think this should resolve the issue, thanks again for your prompt response!