GIT assessment results

Hi there, I am working in the GIT assessment. I wanted to make sure I was interpreting my results correctly. I thought I checked my work with the screenshots, but if I’m reading this right then I put the joseph-roulin image is in the wrong spot on both branches and I didn’t delete lands-end in the master. I just wanna make sure before I dive beck in. Thank you.


Yes, you are definitely on the right track in recognizing that the issue has to do with the placement of images on those branches. I can also see that you have <<<<<<HEAD and ========== in the diff, which indicate that you had some unresolved merge conflicts.

When you reopen your file in each branch, you will first need to remove the text that indicates the merge conflict. Then you can go ahead and manually rearrange/delete/etc the images until your file matches the screenshot in the directions. Then save and commit the changes to the appropriate branch.

Make sure you do this for each branch individually, check your work, and then you’ll be ready to re-submit.

Thank you! It is strange, I don’t see the <<<<<<HEAD and ========== in my file though, just in the results I get when I submit. Maybe I am looking at the wrong spot. Thank you again for your help.

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