Git Assessment Result Confusion

Learning Challenge - Git

Question - How do you read the message? I thought that “-” meant that the solution file had a line that I did not and “+” meant that I had a line the solution did not, but are my two errors not the same line?

What I’ve tried - I have tried reading the “How to Interpret a Git Diff” section on App Academy Open.

Screenshots image

Hi Drew, and welcome to the forum!

These diffs can be challenging to interpret, but it looks like you’re on the right track in interpreting it. You are correct in regards to what the + and - mean.

What this means is that on a certain line, your file has the picture listed, but the solution does not. So essentially, you have an extra picture in the file.

You can go into the together branch, fix the pictures, and then resubmit after double-checking everything. It is especially important to make sure you make the change in the correct branch, and that you save and commit that branch before re-zipping and submitting the file.

Let us know if anything else comes up - looks like you are really close to completing this assessment!

I removed the picture from the together branch and this is the error I got. image
I don’t understand. I removed the picture because of the earlier error, but this error says that I am missing the picture and I am missing a line. Am I missing something? I still do not fully understand the initial error.

Hi Drew,
You are really close.

In your first submission, you got the diff that showed the + and - with a single line number. The test was looking for a certain image on that line, but found a different image instead.

Now, it looks like you are missing a line because it is expecting 5 images, and you just have to make sure you get them all in the correct order.

Again, these diffs can be challenging to read, and you can always confirm by checking the screenshots in the assessment. Make sure you check your image order against the order of images in the assessment instructions, and if they match, you should be all set.