Git assessment question not sure what went wrong

Hi, I would really appreciate any help with this. I´m not sure what went wrong.
but maybe during the last merging after having removed the sand img in the master branch I didn’t know how to make sure it stays deleted after merging.?

2021-01-14 (8)

after i added the changes to the staging area i realized it was going to keep the img if i commit so i just removed it manually from vs code and then committed it.

something else I’m not sure about is when it came to moving the images to the subdirectories i did it manually on vs code. does it make a difference if i do it on the command line?

Hi Cris,
I was able to pull up your submission and look at your file and the diff.

It looks like the issue is related to your merge at the end. In the master branch, the diff is telling us that it expects to find the joseph-roulin image on a certain line, but does not find it there. You will need to manually go back into that branch and rearrange the images, save and commit, making sure they look like the screenshot in the directions.

In the together branch, it looks like you submitted your work without resolving the merge conflict (or possibly, you resolved the conflict, but did not save and commit it). To address this, you can manually make the needed changes, making sure you have the correct images in the correct order, and save and commit the branch.

I hope this is helpful! Let us know how it turns out!

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Hi Jesse,

i didn’t realize that vs code was asking to accept incoming changes in the together branch. I just accepted both changes, add it them and commit it them. I also rearranged the lines of code for the first problem so it looked exactly like the picture. Do you think this will do the trick or should i start over? its my last attempt.

Either way Thank you so much for the help.

Hi Cris,
If you made those changes, and the images match, you should be OK to submit. Some people choose to re-do the whole assessment to review and reinforce the concepts, but manually fixing it is a fine approach as well.

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