Git assessment on a ChromeBook

Git Assessment

Is it possible to complete the git assessment on a Chromebook?

I have access to a Linux terminal (beta), I am able to use git, VS Code is installed. I followed all directions for the assessment and it’s in a zip file ready for submission. The first time I failed because the zip program(WinZip for android) omitted the hidden files. I should have checked. That was my fault. But now I zipped it using RAR (android) and it included the hidden files. So I just wanted to know if there is anything that would prevent me from getting a passing grade being on ChromeOS. Below is a screenshot of the email I got after I failed.

Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 6.01.48 PM

Same error for each branch ^

Note: I will be getting a windows 10 computer soon.
Also, is the branches folder in the .git directory supposed to be empty?

Just FYI its possible.