Git Assessment - minor detail


I was doing the git assessment (technical assessment for app academy online) and I came across one minor problem which I know could possibly cause a fail. The only thing I had an issue with was that when I completed the first merge, these files were in the incorrect order in the site.html file. (in mine they are as follows):
img src=“images/drawings/stag-beetle.jpg”
img src=“images/drawings/joseph-roulin.jpg”

(it wouldn’t let me embed two media so i just took out the tags)

The joseph-roulin.jpg is supposed to be before the stag-beetle photo according to the instructions. I clicked on the “accept both” option for the merge conflict. Is there something else I should have done to get them to merge in the correct order? I know I could just manually change the order by copy and pasting but I don’t know if that is allowed for this assessment. I’m pretty sure I typed them in the correct order initially so not really sure what went on there.

Thanks for the help.


Hi, @gabriel910! First off, welcome to the community and thanks for asking a question. :wave:

When you receive a conflict, this is basically the computers options that it is giving you:

  1. Accept only one side
  2. Accept only the other side
  3. Accept both sides
  4. You, almighty developer, please fix it for me.

Exactly! You are very much allowed to organize the HTML however you see fit. The assessment just wants you to recognize that a conflict has happened and then resolve it by putting it into the correct order.

Hope that helps! Best of luck to you! :four_leaf_clover:

Got it.

One more question.

It’s not a problem if I upload the re-submit with a different directory name is it? (i.e. git-repo-management-3 instead of git-repo-management). Git seems to remember changes I made from my previous attempt under that name even though I deleted the original directory. I had been going through the commits on my original attempt and potentially moved things around so I don’t want to submit that version in case I messed anything up. I was just going to re-do the assessment since it isn’t very long.

My advice will always be to delete the project and start from scratch a few times, one for muscle memory/practice, secondly to troubleshoot any issues you find yourself having (once you know that you have completed the project successfully, see if you can do it again successfully).

I figured it out and got the pass! Thanks for the reply.

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