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Git Assessment - Merge Conflicts

Hello! I’ve failed my Git assessment for the second time and am starting to get nervous - I feel like I’ve followed the instructions in both cases, but I must be missing something. I’ve provided a screenshot for the error I received on my second assessment, since I’m only able to upload one photo…

I’ve gone through these but I’m still not sure where I went wrong - if you need any additional information I’m happy to help, thank you in advance for your time!


Uploading the error from my first attempt as a reference point.

In both attempts I tried deleting the correct image from the html file and folder but was still unable to merge - after deleting the photo from the html/folder then through the add and commit process, I was then told the master and together branches were already merged.


Hi Robert, and welcome to the community!

I pulled up your submission to see what is going on. It is hard to determine what went wrong without seeing your terminal history, but I can share what I see in the submission and ideas for moving forward.

It looks like your final merge was successful, since there is no evidence of a merge conflict in the diff or in your file for any branch. It looks like the only issue is in the drawings branch. You have the correct drawings in the site.html file, but they are just in the wrong order in that branch.

To correct this, you can go into you site.html file in the drawings branch, and just manually rearrange the order of the 3 drawings. The screenshots in the assessment directions should show you the correct order. Then, make sure you save, stage and commit the changes before re-submitting your project.


Hi Jesse,
Thank you for the follow-up! Based on your feedback I re-checked the instructions and there seem to be two places where I hit a snag.

When asked to initially add the photos to html they are shown in a specific order, however in the very next step they are shown in a different order based on the file structure - this led me to change my process on my second attempt by ordering the img links to match the file structure, not what the html screenshot was providing.

The second snag seems to be if an additional add/commit is implemented beyond the instructions - does this invalidate the work file? For example, if I fix the merge conflict but then go into the different branches, correct any errors then add/commit once more (not in the instructions), does this added step in Git cause an issue with the submission?

Thanks again for your time - it’s make or break today!

-The screenshot shows the ordering of the html vs file structure in the directions.

Hi Robert,
That is a good catch - figuring out the source of the issues. The file structure will show up alphabetically, so you definitely want to follow the screenshot from the site.html file for the order of the images.

As for your second question, there is no need to worry. The auto-grader only looks at the product you submit, and it compares the contents of your files to the contents of the solution files to see if they match. The auto-grader does not check your commit history, so it is fine if you have the extra commits.