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Git assessment issues

I got all the way to the last step and this is what occurred:

it is stating that I cannot delete the lands-end.jpg photo because it isn’t in there; then when I tried to do the final merge into the master branch it would not let me.

I suspect that you ran into an issue earlier on in the steps, but it did not show up as an error until now.

After you checkout master, and before trying to remove the lands-end image, check your file structure. It is likely that the lands-end image is not in the images directory as you would expect. It may be in the pictures or drawings directory, or not exist at all, if one of the merges or commits had an issue earlier in the project.

I also notice that you are doing all of your commits and merges from the images directory. I would recommend cd’ing back to the root directory for staging, committing, merging, and checking out, and then cd’ing back to whatever directory you need to be working in. This way, you will ensure that all of the changes are committed, not just changes within the sub-directory you are working in.