GIT Assessment Issue

I suppose someone can pull my last submitted attempt. I just don’t see where I’m going wrong here. Any tips would be nice. I’m going to redo it and post my progress before submission. This is what I got back from my second attempt!

Is it possible that it is because I have CRLF configured?

Hi Devon,

I don’t think CRLF is the issue here.

Whenever we see <<<<<<<HEAD in the diff, we can tell there was an unresolved merge conflict. When you merged one branch into another branch, VSCode sensed a conflict between the two branches that needs to be resolved. Within VSCode, if you open up the file and look at the together branch, you will see that code just like you see it in the diff. You should see some options such as “accept incoming change”, “accept both changes” etc. By clicking one of those options, you are resolving the conflict, and the extra code would be removed.

Another option is to manually resolve the conflict. You could delete the extra code with all of the <<<< and manually rearrange your images to make them match the screenshots in the assessment directions.

The good news is that this conflict only affects the together branch, so that is the only branch you need to change. Once you fix it, make sure you stage and commit the changes to the together branch, double and triple-check your work, and then you can try to re-submit.

Let me know if any other issues come up.

Here is my update before I send anything. I’m a little nervous to send this because I’m now at 2 out of 4 attempts. towards the end something went wrong. I have the right mind to do it all over again.

![1 (2)|690x374]

Sorry how I did this. It said that new users could only post one ate a time.

Hi Devon,
Am I correct that you already submitted and passed? Congratulations!

Yes I did! Thanks :grin:

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