Git Assessment issue with the Feedback


I had gotten a weird result on my feedback and if anyone could help tell me what I have done wrong.

Thank you for your help

Hi Mike,
Welcome to the community! I can pull up your submission and take a look, and help you translate. This certainly is an unusual looking diff.

In the meantime, can you let me know whether you were working with the mac or windows directions?

I am using windows I had started from scratch believe I figured out the issue

--- a/site.html
+++ b/site.html
@@ -8,8 +8,5 @@- 
 <img src="images/drawings/lands-end.jpg">-  
<img src="images/drawings/stag-beetle.jpg">- 
 <img src="images/drawings/joseph-roulin.jpg">
\ No newline at end of file
 is the new feed back for a 3/4
I am not sure the exact issue this represents though and I am at 3/4 chances with submits

Hi Mike,
This diff looks a LOT better! I had suspected the first submission had something to do with how you downloaded the assessment or uploaded the finished project.

With your current diff, this shows you only have an issue in the drawings branch. The minus signs next to the images mean that those images appear in the solution, but do not appear in the file you submitted (for the drawings branch).

My recommendation would be to open your file, and look at the drawings branch. Make sure the images match the screenshot in the assessment prompt exactly, and then you can save and commit those changes to the drawings branch.

awesome thank you, I have done that now thinking its the right solution, I am going to wait to submit until I talk with my admissions counselor, I have a call with him in 5 minutes, I just want to make sure I don’t want to lose my chance by submitting and another issue I missed, Thank you so much for you help

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