Git Assessment / I'm confused!

I submitted my Git Assessment and got this back-


I went back and committed the changes on the together branch.The terminal says the working tree is clean on the branch and it matches the way its supposed to look. But before I re-submit I wanted to make sure it was correct. I compressed and sent the zip file to my PC and opened it there and it still shows the it as if the changes weren’t done.

I’m completely baffled why it would be clean on one, then compressed and opened on another it shows I never did anything with the changes… Any help would be greatly appreciated ! (I originally posted images of each example but as a new user it won’t let me post the other images)

image in my first reply was from my mac - this image is me double checking it on my pc.

Which changes did you accept? usually ‘both’ will make sure you have everything you’re supposed to have. Also, make sure you’re counting up your lines of code and that it matches what is shown in the example/instructions. If you put in your code and lines aren’t lining up numerically, or the html isn’t showing the pics in the right order, I would suggest deleting the project and starting over. I did this at least 5 times before I felt 100%