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Git Assessment HELP pleaseeee

Hi, I’ve been working on my git assessment. And I know I made a mistake and I don’t know how to fix. So basically I got to the part when I had to add the 3 “site.html” file, new lines. Which I did. It said to save so I pressed ctrl S to save. I moved on and finished up and committed. I made the new branch pictures and move the two images to it. OK this is where I got stuck and knew I did something wrong. It tells me to go to the “site.html” file, and add two lines. In the pic they provided on a/A website the html is clear and doesn’t have the previous 3 lines that we had before. But when I looked at mine I still had the 3 lines. I know we are supposed to add the two and then merge. I don’t know if anyone understands what im saying. But HELP!

Hi Ayatt,
Welcome to the community!

From what you’re describing, it sounds like you may have created a new branch pictures from the drawings branch, which already had the 3 images in the html file. You will need to make sure that instead of making the new branch from drawings, that you go back to the master branch first, and then create the pictures branch from there. That way, you would see the html file in the new branch without any images in the html file to begin with.

If this doesn’t makes sense, just send us a screenshot of your terminal commands and we can troubleshoot more from there.


I’ve done that but it’s still coming up in master.


Is there anyway I can salvage it? or do I have to start again. I keep doing the same mistake.

Hi Ayatt, I’m a fellow student, I think you should revisit the commands used for creating/switching branches, hope that helps!

I have and watching plenty video. I can’t figure out hot to commit the site.html. I am able to commit all the changes in the directories/subd but not the site.html

Nvm, I just had to continue and I would have seen the html file in the new branch. Thanks

Hi Ayatt,
if you’re noticing that changes to site.html are not being committed, make sure you change directory back to the root directory before using git add . and git commit -m "your_message" each time. If you stage and commit from a subdirectory, it will only apply to the changes within that subdirectory, not outside of it.

I seem to be having a problem with that. How do I switch back to the root directory?

From whatever directory you are in, you can use cd .. (with a space between the cd and the dots). This should bring you up a level, so you can move a level at a time to get back to root.