Git Assessment Having trouble merging picture branch to merged drawings and together branch: get fatal error

Learning Challenge

Git Assessment


  1. How do I merge picture branch with merged drawings and together branches without causing a fatal error?

  2. Also, how do I fix the error, so I don’t have to start all over again?

What I’ve tried

First time I just used the merge command on the together branch to merge the drawings branch to the together branch. After which I just directly tried to merge the picture branch to that combined branch and that caused a fatal error which I just made worse by visiting coding forums and trying to use their solutions. I finally deleted all files from explorer and started over.

The second time, add-committed the drawings and together merge and then tried to merge with pictures and it still created an error. I don’t know what to do. I’ve included a screenshot.


I’m a bit confused? It looks like you’re issuing a command git logfatal: Unable ... in your screenshot? I’m not quite sure I understand what is happening there. Did you type that command out? Copy / Paste it in?

@bryanray I actually just typed “git log” I wanted to see if my former commands like adding the two jpgs to the picture subdirectory were logged and then to see if the merge command to merge the pictures branch to the merged drawings and together branches were logged. Does that make sense?

From “fatal” onwards was the response to my git log command.