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Git Assessment Failure Need Help

Below is the feedback that I received from my GIT assessment. I am not sure how to interpret the results so if you could let me know in better detail what it is saying I did wrong and any additional feedback that would be great.

Good morning,
Thes diffs can be hard to interprep, but in general, the minuses show content that you are missing in your submission, while the pluses show content that is in your submission, but should not be. In either case, the pluses and minuses can also indicate that something is there, but in the wrong place.

I pulled up your submission to look in more detail to see what is going on.

In the master branch, it looks like you are missing the two images that are listed on the diff (joseph-roulin and stag-beetle).

In the drawings branch, you have three extra images - it actually looks like joseph-roulin appears twice in your branch.

In the together branch, you are missing three images.

It looks like you may not have staged and committed your most recent changes before submitting the assessment (or perhaps before checking out of a branch in the middle of the project). Atr this point, you can choose to either download a new copy of the assessment and start over, step-by-step, or you could revise and re-submit your current assessment. If you choose to revise, just make sure you open each branch and make the changes, stage and commit, before moving on to the next branch. In the end, you will need to make sure that each branch looks exactly like the images in the assessment prompt.

Let us know how it turns out!