Git Assessment Failed and Need Clarification

Learning Challenge

Failed Git Assessment

Before I ask my major questions: How do I open the different branches of HTML in VS Code from the git-repo-management file that I submitted?


Here is how I’m reading the diff:
For example, for my drawings branch it says:
@@ -6,10 +7,9 @@
which means that my version is missing a line, correct?

Next, my drawings branch looks like this:

Does this mean where the plus signs are, I shouldn’t have those lines?

And where the minus signs are, does that mean I’m missing something on those lines? Because I’ve checked again the images in the assessment and I see absolutely no difference between what they are asking for and what I’ve typed.

I’ve also checked my trees in the terminal and they look exactly like the trees in the assessment.

Lastly, the skeleton HTML has spaces between <HTML lang="en"> and <head> and then between </head> and <body> and lastly between </body> and </html>. But in all the images in the assessment guidance, there is no space between these. Do I need to redo the HTML branches without these spaces?

If someone can tell me where I should be looking, that would be an immense help. Thank you.

Here are screenshots of what I got back: