Git assessment FAIL please help

this is what I got…

I think something went wonky with my “.gitignore” file. I was having trouble with it. I thought I figured it out, apparently not.

ok it i think i know what when wrong. I messed up early on and decided to just delete the project and redownload it, but I didn’t know that I had to delete the hidden git folder before starting over. I’m not sure what to do I tried going into the master branch and used the ls -a command to list hidden directories, but I dont want to delete all my current work

Hi, @SSAR0622!

With regards to the email that was sent … it looks like you simply have a missing period (.) in your .gitignore file … .DS_Store vs DS_Store (notice the period at the beginning).

Hope that helps! Best of luck in your next attempt! :four_leaf_clover:

OMG!!! I just passed all my assessments thanks to you! That was totally the issue!

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