GIT Assessment error messages

Hello there -

I did not pass my Git assessment and I am getting this notification as a result ( see below the notification).
Please advise what I did wrong - seem the merge from together to master branch did not formatting correctly or something else ? please let me know if I have to send you a screen shoot of my work or the files ? Thank you very much for your helps !

The questions you missed were:

’master’ branch

--- a/site.html+++ b/site.html@@ -8,9 +8,13 @@-  <img src="images/drawings/joseph-roulin.jpg">+<<<<<<< HEAD+  <img src="images/drawings/lands-end.jpg">+  <img src="images/drawings/joseph-roulin.jpg">+=======+>>>>>>> pictures

’together’ branch

--- a/site.html+++ b/site.html@@ -8,10 +8,13 @@-  <img src="images/drawings/joseph-roulin.jpg">+<<<<<<< HEAD+  <img src="images/drawings/joseph-roulin.jpg">+=======+>>>>>>> pictures

Hi, @mselviana! Welcome to the community! :wave:

I downloaded your submission and took a peek at your code. It looks like inside your master and together branch you forgot to resolve the merge conflicts.

Here is a post where I describe the merge conflicts:

Remember though, you have merge conflicts in the master and the together branches.

Hope that helps you out! Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Hi Bryan,
Thank you so much for your help but I am having another problem. After I received the notification that I did not pass the assignment, I had made many changes in the terminal and html file, because I was trying to figure out what exactly I did wrong. I am not sure if I should go back in time and fix it from there because I am afraid my files are completely messed up by now. So, do you think it is better to start over again or just go back to my files and fix it from there? This is my first time using git and have no previous experience - so I don’t know how to go back to the previous version when I submitted the file. Also another question - do I have to fix the conflict before or after accepting the merge. Again, thank you very much for all your helps and great advice !
Best regards - M. Selviana

Hello Bryan -
Sorry for sending you more questions. I decided just to start over again and now I am in the middle to merge the two branches and I am confused. Here are my questions:

  1. In the together branch : Should I resolve the conflict by “accepting both changes” ( in vsc features ), instead of fixing them manually? That’s what I did before - Accept both changes and add them to the stage before committing? Or that is not enough so I still need to fix it manually to clear the conflict?
  2. In the master branch merging process, I am confused and not sure with this instruction : Fix the conflict by removing the “lands-end.jpg” from the file system. ? In the “site.html”, remove the line that has the “lands-end.jpg” image on it.
    I did remove the images/lands-end.jpg in master branch, add to the stage and commit it before merging together branch to master. Am I supposed to remove this file again from all the branches ( i am very confused what does “removing lands-end.jpg from file system” exactly mean? Or Am I supposed to remove only the img tag from the html page in the master branch ?
    You can tell I am very confused following the instructions and need a big help :-). I really appreciate all the help and advice. Thank you so much !

Maria Selviana

Hi Bryan-
I figured out what was that, so pls disregard my previous questions :). I am sorry for the confusion. Last thing if you can advise me on my last merge from together to master branch, I clear the conflict but I will wait for you to do a last look before I commit . Here is the screenshot of my working directory and html page (after the merge). Please advise if you think looks ok and go ahead for me to commit ? Thank you Brayn and looking forward to hearing from you soon… thanks a bunch !

Hi, @mselviana! :wave:

At a cursory glance, everything looks correct. :+1:

Awesome -Thank you Bryan !!