Git assessment Downloads directory trouble

Hello, so I have been trying to figure this out for about 3-4 hours now.
Im on Windows and trying to follow the initial extract guide.
I tried root access and user(sudu user) on Ubuntu both with no success.
first " /mnt/c/Users/«your WINDOWS user name»/Downloads" isnt working for me. ive tried multiple user names, from my email that is displayed on lock screen to the Users in the command line which was “17149” and it will say “no such file or directory”
When i put Cd before it, with user 17149, it will say bash: syntax error near unexpected token `17149’

with my email, it just goes to a type line after, where i can freely type but not write commands.
I tried cd /mnt/c and Im able to switch to it and see a list with ls, but Downloads were not in there. I created one inside with mkdir. Can I extract the git assessment normally (from the regular downloads) and drag it into this newly created directory folder after using explorer.exe . ? I also can not use the explorer.exe . command from my ubuntu user :~$. only on root does it pull up the explorer, and my user has the sudo access

also added notes that the initial command of /mnt/c/Users/«your WINDOWS user name»/Downloads still doesnt work even after creating a Downloads directing in /mnt/c. I also tried all User names from the Users directory.
anyways kind of long winded, hopefully I can figure it out or get advice.

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What I’ve tried


took a break, realized I shouldnt be adding the << >> in the line of code, and it worked. :sweat_smile:

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