GIT Assessment - Diff Interpretation

Just made my first attempt at the git assessment and failed. I have a few questions about the diff I was sent.

Mostly I don’t entirely understand the first section regarding the picture branch. For the together branch I’m assuming this means I had the wrong order for my img tags.

Hi! For the pictures branch, it looks like you are missing content in your .gitignore file. Under the @@ line, it shows what you are missing next to the -.

In the together branch it looks like you didn’t resolve the merge conflict. Here is a screenshot of your code:

You can see the conflicts ( <<<<, =====, and >>>> ) are still in your code. Your next step should be to simply checkout the together branch, remove all those conflict (arrows and equals) and make your img tags be in the order that the assessment describes.

Hope that helps, @tnewman! You’re super close! :clap:

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