Git Assessment deleting Lands-end. jpg

Hello!! Please help me.

The diff is saying I didn’t delete the lands-end.jpg in the master branch.
Below is a redo, when I checkout the master branch, should I go into the drawing folder and delete the lands-end.jpg as well? before I commit the final changes.

Thank you


I just tried to remove the lands-end.jpg from the drawing folder in the master branch, but when I check the status, “modified: …/…/site.html” is still in red (which I assume it means the changes on site.html are not added to be committed yet)
I tried to do git add. and then git commit again but it still shows in red color.
Can you please also explain what " added by them: lands-end.jpg" means as well.

Can someone please check my work, I think I got it but not sure!
there was a “M” and red dot in my site.html, I double check the site.html, saved it again, use git add -A instead of git add .
it was successfully committed, but I am not sure if this is the correct way. I an on my third attempt. I am so scared to submit. Please help me :frowning:

nvm guys I just passed :)))