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GIT assessment Delete the file "images/lands-end.jpg"


I am attempting to delete the file “images/lands-end.jpg” in which I am receiving an error message each time I attempt. I used the command ‘git rm’ to conduct the removal of the file. Below are screenshots of the results I received.

Hi Blair,
It looks like you are running into this error message because you do not have the lands-end image in the location you are asking it to be removed from, in the master branch. From what I see at the bottom of the third screenshot, it looks like the picture you are trying to delete may actually be at images/drawings/lands-end.jpg in the master branch.

I noticed that throughout the screenshots, you are often staging your changes, but not committing them before checking out a different branch. When the directions say to commit the changes, make sure you use git add . and then git commit -m "your_commit_message" each time. Make sure you commit changes from the root directory to make sure all of your changes are included across all of the directories in the commit. I think the issue you are running into was caused by staging changes, but not committing them, before checkout to different branches.

I think I’m missing some of your history, as it looks like you posted the top screenshot twice, so I can’t see the commands related to your together branch, when you made the merge. There may be issues arising there, but I’m not sure.

You have two options at this point to correct the issues. One option (which I recommend) is to download a new copy of the assessment and start over, following the directions step-by-step, making sure to stage and commit changes when needed. When you zip the project to submit it, just be really careful that you zip and submit the correct version.

Another option is to manually go into the project in VSCode, and make changes in each branch until the file structure and html file match what is in the screenshot directions for each branch. If you take this route, you will need to make sure that you stage and commit your changes from each branch before checking out the next branch.

Let us know if you have any more questions, and good luck!

Thanks for the feed Jesse. I submitted another attempt at the assessment and am still having issues. Here is the feedback I received regarding the assessment:
The questions you missed were:

’drawings’ branch

--- a/site.html+++ b/site.html@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@+  <img src="images/drawings/joseph-roulin.jpg">-  <img src="images/drawings/joseph-roulin.jpg">

’master’ branch

--- a/site.html+++ b/site.html@@ -8,9 +8,13 @@+<<<<<<< HEAD+  <img src="images/drawings/lands-end.jpg">+=======+>>>>>>> pictures

’together’ branch

--- a/site.html+++ b/site.html@@ -8,10 +8,13 @@+<<<<<<< HEAD+=======+>>>>>>> pictures

![2021-03-03 (1)|690x388](upload://3E8PBhBUzczTDb8y0ypqOCJN50S.png) ![2021-03-03 (2)|690x388](upload://woTLZGmh6WOQxL1qAikwPkXA71F.png) ![2021-03-03 (3)|690x388](upload://6muUjEc0nIC9PhNYARt3a9noK0N.png) ![2021-03-03 (4)|690x388](upload://yYPfJlH8iiGqNShIghc5ZCPBZqT.png)

Hi Blair,
I pulled up your latest submission, and it looks like you ran into some merge conflicts. I can walk you through what I see in the submission, and you can either choose to start the submission over, or just revise what you already have and re-submit. I think I would recommend the revise and re-submit approach in your case.

  • Master branch

    • You have an unresolved merge conflict here. If you open up site.html in the master branch, you will see some unusual lines of code with HEAD and a bunch of arrows. You can delete all of that extra code, and just fix the code for the images. You currently have 5 images in there, and there should be just 4 for the solution. Check the screenshots in the directions, and just manually change those images lines of code until your file matches the directions. Then stage and commit those changes to the master branch.
  • Together branch

    • You have a similar merge conflict issue in the together branch, and you can solve it the same way you solve the master branch issue. Just make sure you are making the changes in the together branch, matching them to the together branch screenshots in the directions, and stage and commit those changes to the together branch.
  • Drawings branch

    • In this case, the diff is telling you that your joseph-roulin image is in the wrong place. On the line that it expected to find that image, it was not there. So, you can go into that branch, rearrange the images to fix it, and then stage and commit the changes to that branch.

Be really careful as you make your revisions. Be sure to save the file before staging and committing, and always make sure you are doing the revisions in the correct branch.

Good luck with the changes!

Hi Jesse,

I appreciate the feedback. I was able to apply it and make the proper adjustments. Thanks again!

Best regards,

Blair Wishom

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