Git Assessment Commitment Issues

I was working through the git assessment and hit a problem after moving my first three images into the sub category “drawings”. After doing this and changing my site.html page I did “git add .” while on the “drawings” branch and then “git commit”. After I checked out “master” and my site.html page stayed the same as it was on the “drawings” branch. I had some unexpected red files not staged for commit that I think were an indicator of an issue.

My guess is that I need to change directories to “git-repo…” before doing the add or commit process? Is that correct?

Also I decided to delete my zip file and my extracted file in order to start over. I shouldn’t run into any issues by redownloading the zip file should I?

Appreciate any feedback.



I tried that and it seemed to work. But still let me know if i’m on the right path.

Also, I have been trying to follow the instructions explicitly and I only “saved” where it said to but that seemed to mess me up in the transition from “together” to “master” where it doesn’t explicitly say “save”. Am I right to assume that I need to save at that point?


This is the same issue I am having where the site.html isn’t changing when I switch branches. When I posted in the forum, it was very hard to get someone to understand what I was saying.

Did changing directories to to git repo before add/commit work? Going to try it now.

I did some digging into the forum and found this:

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Thanks for all that! I eventually figured that out, and also saving before committing helped out as well. I was able to pass.