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GIT Assessment change directory to /mnt/c/Users/«your WINDOWS user name»/Downloads


I am in the very beginning stage of the GIT assessment and am trying to follow all of the steps exactly as written. When I access Ubuntu and attempt to change the directory to “/mnt/c/Users/«your WINDOWS user name»/Downloads” nothing happens. I’m not sure if I should mkdir first then cd or if there is something going wrong with my Ubuntu. I have posted a screenshot below.


I think the directions might be a little misleading, but this should be a quick fix.

When you see /mnt/c/Users/«your WINDOWS user name»/Downloads, you will need to replace «your WINDOWS user name» with your personal username that you use for Windows. So, for example, mine might look something like /mnt/c/Users/jesse/Downloads.

Give that a try with your username, and let us know how it goes.

Hi Jesse!

Thanks for the solution. I tried but am still not gaining any traction to move forward.

Hmmm…one more quick thing to try before we troubleshoot further.

Let’s confirm your username and try again. You can follow the steps on this page to double-check your username, and then try again with that name.

Let me know how it goes, and we’ll continue troubleshooting if needed!

Hi Jesse,

I just tried this option and still am getting the same results.

Can you double-check that the assessment is in your Downloads directory? And if so, see if the path to that directory matches the path you are trying to cd into.

If those two things check out, then I suspect there might be a permissions issue.

The assessment is in my downloads history. How can I see if the path to that directory matches the path I am trying to cd into?