Git Assessment: Analyzing Diffs

Hello everyone,

My git assessment pushed back this git diff…Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 1.22.30 PM

Is it telling me to move the images/stag-beetle.jpg in between /lands-end and /joseph-rou?

I also have my VS set to auto format structure whenever i save, but it creates a line space in between my and tags, causing me to get another error (+). Should I undo this format setting?


Just format everything exactly like they do on the example. If anything is out of order, if there is any extra whitespace or whitespace missed, it kick you back with an error.

From looking at this, I am not sure whether your code is a/site.html or b/site.html (I think it has to do with how they run the diff command); but the stag-beetle is in the wrong place and you either need to add or remove white space between the tags. Based upon what you wrote, it looks like the stag beetle needs to be between lands-end and joseph-roulin, and it looks like you need to remove the white space/turn off that formatting option.

Ok. I will try making those changes and eliminating the white space! thanks for your quick response!

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