Git Assessment- Alphabetize files in branches

Learning Challenge: Git Assessment

Question: According to how the files are supposed to look in the final branches, Joseph-roulin will be last, however, the instructions in the code has it written, has it listed before the other files. My question is, will the files automatically be saved in alphabetical order?**

What I’ve tried: My first submission returned my self-correction as the only error- I typed Joseph-roulin last in the html code so that it would turn out as shown**

Screen shots

We’re talking about two separate things…

File structure - the hierarchy of files and folders / directories.

HTML structure - the hierarchy of HTML tags / code.

For file structure, there’s no ordering aside from which files and/or folders are placed within other folders.

The diagram lists joseph-roulin.jpg first underneath the drawings directory, but this is just a visual aid to show which files are within the directory. It will make no difference for git.

For HTML structure, there is a specific order.

The code snippet has lands-end.jpg first which means that image is displayed above the others (assuming no changes in styling which is outside the scope of this assessment). This is a meaningful difference to git because re-ordering the HTML tags will result in a different layout on the page.

Thank you for the clarification on that. I suppose more specifically, I wanted to know if I keep the tags input in the exact order shown in the html example, will the output still come out the way the file structure indicates, with “Joseph” being last in HTML but first in the final output. The final output, as the file structure shows, the img tags are in alphabetical order.

So after following the example. I realized that my code whenever I merged would never look like the example screen shot for the site.html. Thinking I made a mistake I cut and pasted it to the top. Then I get the message that I missed “joseph-rouling”, did you just leave your code looking like the top screen shot? Your reply would be helpful so I can pass! Thankyou

I’ll say to concern yourself more with the instructions, and less about the pictured outcome, because you’ll end up over-correcting and it will be wrong. It will alphabetize them for you and the structure/hierarchy may or may not look exactly like the example. I hope that is helpful, if it isn’t, come right on back.

p.s. I downloaded the project and did it from start to finish about 6 times in order to find my errors and see what was consistently working.

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