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Git Assessment - A Few Questions

Hello! working on the git assessment and triple-checking my work to make sure I pass. I have a few questions -

  1. My site.html keeps adding spaces after I save it, which makes it look a little different from the example. Is this ok? I got an error on my last try from “an extra line” so I wanted to make sure that doesn’t relate to the site.html

  1. when I merged all the pictures together in the “together” branch, they weren’t in the same order as the example. I manually changed them myself in the site.html. Is that ok?

  2. At the final step when I was deleting the lands-end.jpg, I received this when I was going to commit. what does this mean? I checked and the picture wasn’t anywhere in the tree.

Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 2.53.54 PM

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Natalie,

Unfortunately, I can’t really help with the final check, since this is an assessment, so you’ll have to decide when it is ready to submit.

However, for your first question - it likely will be a problem if extra lines are showing up when you save. Check to see if you have a VS code extension enabled (such as prettier) that does any kind of auto-formatting, and if you do, make sure you turn it off.

If the file content and the tree structure look right to you across all of the branches, and match the screenshots in the assessment, then you should consider submitting. Beyond that, I can’t really give any more guidance on whether it is ready.

Great work today, and have a wonderful weekend!

Got it, no problem. Thanks for your help! I don’t think I have any extensions…