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Git Assessment 3/4 help

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I got a 3/4 on my git assessment and not too sure where I went wrong or how to read the feedback given. :frowning: Please help.




Just passed this a few days ago. it looks to me like you have an extra line at the end of your file, also you should only have 3 images under the Drawings and Pictures header for your drawings branch… Unfortunately I cannot tell you which images exactly but I would review the drawings branch instructions again for the corrections needed, should be fixed if you followed the steps for this branch correctly. Be sure to pay attention to the structure in explorer VS. I hope this helps you out!

Hello, and welcome to the forum!
We have recently shifted our prepwork support over to Discord - we have mentors who can help you live over on that platform. I will DM you with the info in case you haven’t joined already.