GIT Assessment 2nd fail

So I just failed for the 2nd time but I’m not exactly sure if it was a mistake by me or the instructions. Whenever I would follow the instructions to the T about getting the site.html to match-up with the screen shot, I never get it. With the merge it always puts Joseph at the bottom and I have to manually move it to the top as seen on my screen shot. Could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Because if its because I’m cutting and pasting it to the top that’s causing the questions missed that would make sense. But if I’m messing up on a step I don’t know about then I would want to adjust everything. If someone else had this problem please let me know, I want to pass!

GIT Results 2
This is the message I got. Thank you for any help you guys can give me!

This time around I was super focus on keeping my working tree before moving on. Which is why I’m super confused on why I didn’t pass.

GIT ASSESSMENT Asignment screenshot 1

GIT ASSESSMENT Asignment screenshot 2
This is what I get confused about, I deleted lands-end.jpg. Then moved joseph to the top underneath “drawing and pictures”. But still failed.

Also sorry the last two screenshots are from the assignment. Which is what I’m saying if I’m not supposed to move it manually then how do I get it to do it with the merge. Thank you again! Sorry for all the questions.

That’s okay. You’re definitely supposed to manually move things around when you run in to a Git merge conflict.

I pulled down your submission and took a peek. In your together branch it looks like you may have mis-ordered the images. I see you have it correct in the screenshot. However, your submission has the images in the wrong order? Here is what I see from your latest submission …

This is what I see in your together branch.

I hope that helps! :four_leaf_clover: