Git Assessment 2/4

Learning Challenge


I submitted my Git assessment attempt, and received a report with the errors. I’m having a bit of trouble understanding what the questions mean.

What I’ve tried



Hi Akash,
I pulled up your submission, and it looks like your errors are pretty straightforward. It looks like you probably just ran into an issue when you merged the together and master branch.

In the master branch, your submission just has the first two pictures out of order.

In the together branch, it is a similar issue - you have the right pictures, but joseph-roulin is in the wrong place.

Again, this was probably caused by not accepting the changes when you merged the two branches.

At this point, you can go into the two branches and manually rearrange the images so they match the screenshots in the assessment directions. Make sure you work in one branch at a time, and then stage and commit those changes before checking out and working on the other branch. The other option is to re-download the project, and start from scratch, following the directions step-by-step. Either approach is fine for resubmission, just be sure to double/triple check all of your branches before re-submitting.


This is a bit late, but before I went ahead and submitted again, the order is the HTML line order yes?

Yes, exactly! You want to make sure the line order is the same in the screenshots from the directions.