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Git assessment 0/4 help

I received a 0/4 on what I thought was a breeze. There was not a time during this Assessment where It felt Like “I do not understand”. I fully get all of the commands for GIT but this assessment says otherwise. So I am really confused after reading what exactly happened in each branch I did wrong in the assessment. Any Help would be great. I will post screen shots below.

Hi Garrett,
It’s great to hear that you felt confident with the Git commands throughout this assessment. Often, the failed tests are related to minor details. You can review the lesson on How to Interpret a Git Diff for some tips on figuring out what this diff is telling you.

The first thing I notice in your diff is that you have a case issue in your .gitignore file. You will need to go back and make sure that the text inside that file matches the directions exactly, including the case (upper or lower). Once you make this change, you will need to make sure you update it and commit the change across all four branches.

The diff also shows that you have issues with the ordering of your images in the master branch and together branch. This may have been caused when you merged branches towards the end of the directions. I notice in your screenshot that have a blue 1 in the sidebar and you have an M next to the site.html file name. These indicate that you have uncommitted changes. It is possible that you forgot to stage and/or commit some of the changes towards the end of the assessment before submitting.

At this point, you can either start the assessment from scratch, or just make updates in each branch to correct these errors. If you work in the existing project, just be really careful about checking out each branch and saving/staging/committing any updates you make.


I will just start it from scratch. I will delete the orgingal Download and zip

with the .gitignore file. It mentions something like —.DS_Store and ++.DS_STORE. I created the file in the very beginning like the directions stated. I made sure there was only 2 lines of code(one empty line).

And everything was capitalized DS_STORE. EDIT:

Wow, was not supposed to be capitalized! Ha. I fixed it and snap shotted the pic below(ignore the files to be committed warnings, I will commit)!

In the beginning when I’m first staging all of the files(.gitignore) (images) (site.html) etc to be committed I am staging everything with git add . (All to the master branch) then committing it with git commit -m “and a title”

git add . will pull and stage all of those files( .files jpgs, images, everything in the gitrepomanagement directory)for commit in the beginning, correct? Just making sure doing git add . Will work or if they want me to individually add them with git add “file name”

I think I forgot to commit everything at the end after I merged the all of the branches together. That’s why there was an M in site.html.