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Git assesment question

Hey! So I have finished my git assessment and there is an extra file inside my git-repo-management and I just wanted to be sure it was supposed to be there, it is the site.html:Zone.identifier and it looks like it might have to do with the original zip file, but I don’t know.

Thanks for any help!

ps. If while deleting an image I did it after a merge would that count against me and would I need to start over? I am guessing we are graded on the git log?

Hi Ashly,
I would recommend deleting those two zone identifier files. They technically shouldn’t affect the tests, but I’m afraid they could cause the grader to throw an error.

As for your second question…if you have a slightly different git log, it should not affect the tests. The grader is looking at the contents of your files across the four branches. So if the content of the files is correct, you will pass the tests.

Just be careful, though. If you deleted something after a merge and you were supposed to delete it earlier, it may have affected the contents of your files. So just check the contents of each branch really closely to make sure you have the correct images, and in the correct order, in each branch.


Thank you very much!

Hey, so I have gutter indicators on my code and I am not sure why? Or if they aren’t supposed to be there after I merge and commit drawings and pictures to together, just wanted to know if I should worry. Thank you!

It looks like you have unsaved changes in your .gitignore and site.html files.
You should see changes to the file when you make the merge.