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Git Assesment 0/4- auto formatting?

I recently got my feed back from the Git assessment and I got a 0/4, even thought I feel like I did it correctly. From reading the diffs I think that it marked me off for auto formatting. I was wondering if that is correct and if so do I need to retake the assessment without formatting enabled. Or can I get my grade changed?

(sorry it only lets me upload 1 image, but they all look like this one)

Hi Maxwell,
Welcome to the community!

I was able to pull up your submission and your full diff to check out what is going on. It does look like the auto-formatting caused the tests to fail.

I would like you to re-submit your assessment after doing the following:

  1. First, turn off your auto-formatter. Often, it is the Prettier extension that causes these issues, but turn off any other formatting extension or plug-in that you might have enabled in VSCode.

  2. Go into your file, and make changes in each branch to fix the formatting, then stage and commit the changes in that branch before moving on to the next one. I notice that you will need to fix the indentation, as well as remove the / at the end of your relative image paths. Here is a screenshot from the assessment direction - make sure the formatting matches whet you see here:

  3. Finally, just double check the contents of each branch against the assessment directions. Your submission showed that you had two changes that were not committed. It is possible that these changes were caused by the auto-formatter after your last commit, but I would double-check the contents just to be 100% sure.

Let me know if you have any questions about these steps.

Thanks for the help after disabling Prettier I reformatted the code and got a 4/4.

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Awesome, and very well-deserved!