Gems install Error (possibly) leading to Bundle Install not working

Hi Kevin,
I am getting this error when I use the dot files – I went back and found it and repeated the process a few times because when I try to run “bundle install” I get another error:

What do I do?


Because new users can only have 1 image per post, here is the Bundle Install error:

I also get this error after doing basically any text edit in Atom

Hi David,

Thank you for your feedback, we are working hard to improve the curriculum and eliminate these errors. The bundle install file permission error has been most likely due to an issue copying over the bashrc and bash_profile files.

Please take a look at this answer where we talk about copying those files over manually. Afterwards, try running the installation requirements script again, it looks like there was a problem installing rbenv so we will need that to work before you can continue with the alpha course.

If the problem persists, let me know a time where we can do a quick Google Hangout to solve any environment setup issues.

For now, a linter will be more of a crutch in your development as a ruby programmer so I recommend turning off the RuboCop package by going into Atom > Preferences clicking Packages and then disabling the linter-rubocop. This will get rid of that annoying error message and we can turn RuboCop back on once you begin the bootcamp.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks again for your patience with the new curriculum.

I am available to work on this over Google Hangout at 9am today or at 11am
or at 2:30pm.

I followed the instructions in the answer, using David’s shell commands,
and while my terminal now has a different prompt and starts up saying:

-bash: rbenv: command not found

it still produces the same error on installing gems.

Looking forward to going over this with you

Let’s try this again: