Forking Problem

I’m currently stuck on the forking assignment, which is part of “A Ruby Project”.
After opening my terminal (step 1) and running the git clone (step 2), I receive a message stating that the directory is not found when I attempt step 3: "change directory with cd name-of-directory

Not sure which directory they are referencing.
Any advice would be most appreciated, thanks!!


Hi Alex,

If the clone happened successfully then there should be a new folder in the directory where you ran the git clone command. Remember that cloning is just like downloading a folder from the internet. In order to work on the project we then ask that you change directory into that folder that you just downloaded. This is that cd [name-of-newly-downloaded-folder] command.

You can use the ls command in terminal to view all of the folders and files in your current directory. Make sure that newly downloaded folder is there before you change into it. Hope this makes sense! Let me know if you still have any questions.


Perfect, makes sense! Unfortunately, now I am unsure of why I’m getting a new message from the terminal saying that the command not found when I try installing the bundle. Thoughts?
I was also having a similar problem as a lot of other students when attempting to ~/.dotfiles/bin/install_dotfiles so maybe that has something to do with the problem?


Yeah Alex, it seems there is a problem with moving the bash files. Make sure your bashrc and bash_profile are correct before running gem install bundler. Here’s the answer about the bash files.

Hi Kevin,

Went through the links and tried to successfully move the bash files, but coming up empty handed. I saw that you have been having Google Hangouts with students. Do you think you might be able to provide a video walkthrough that takes us students through the installation process? I’m just really excited to get this initial part finished and hit the ground running.

Hey Alex,

I will be looking into the dotfiles to get to the bottom of why students are having issues with the bash files in particular. I agree with the idea that a video may be helpful so I will also look into creating a manual installation walkthrough that students could use if the dotfiles ever fail.

In the meantime, let’s do a quick Google Hangout to solve your environment setup issues. Look for an email invite.